Graphic Identity

How to use this manual

This graphic identity manual is provided as a general guideline for the use of the official logo and wordmark of the University of Arkansas. While every possible option and variation of possible uses were attempted to be covered, questions will arise. Please contact the office of university relations for approval, resources and answers to questions that may not be covered in this guide.

Note that if you are creating a promotional item, such as pens, cups, shirts, or any similar items, you must work with the University of Arkansas Licensing office. More information is available in this web site on the page titled "Merchandising & promotional items: Working with trademark licensing."

Fayetteville Policies And Procedures 208.0: University Graphic Identity

A graphic identity, or logo, allows the university community to achieve clarity and effectiveness in communications and develop a greater awareness of the university as a whole. It distinguishes all forms of media, including publications, official websites, advertising materials, videos, correspondence and other communications, from other institutions and universities.

It is vital that the university strictly protect the application of its brand identity internally and externally. To this end, the Office of University Relations maintains a graphic identity manual for use of the official logo, wordmark, and typography of the University of Arkansas. All applications of the university’s graphic identity must meet the guidelines of this manual whether administered by campus departments and units, or by an agency, freelancer, or other contract service provider.

Interpretation of questions about the manual or applications not covered by the manual are at the discretion of the Office of University Relations.

The Office of Trademark Licensing maintains and administers policies concerning the use (including, but not limited to, commercial use) of university trademarks, including Old Main, the Razorback, logos, symbols, and other indicia of intellectual property.

The Office of Trademark Licensing policies are available at

Revised February 20, 2015