Our Brand Platform

The University of Arkansas’ brand platform stands on the values and truths that have shaped our mission and impacted the lives of everyone who encounters it.

So, how can we know what our brand is? What are our values and what are those truths? Each of us has different ideas – some have fond memories of their time here as students, others have found homes as employees, and some simply enjoy the time they spend each fall around football games. We also have aspirations, such as achieving top 50 status as a public research university, and our brand as it exists is critical to our chances of making our aspirations come true.

The articulation of our brand is supported by qualitative and quantitative research conducted on behalf of the university by a nationally known branding agency with experience in higher education issues. Surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews with campus leaders, alumni, prospective students, current students and other stakeholders led to the synthesis of a core identity and principles that are reflected in everything we do and all that others see in us.