Our Extended Brand Identity

The following fifteen principles round out the articulation of who we are and what we continue to strive toward. These principles should serve as key points in message creation and brand support across campus.

The University of Arkansas:

  • is a good steward of its financial resources and sets a high bar for cost containment.
  • needs, deserves and is capable of attracting significant levels of private gift support.
  • needs and deserves increased levels of public support, particularly that for research expenditures.
  • is a place where research leads to problem-solving.
  • has a robust array of expertise and is the go-to resource for growth in the state of Arkansas.  
  • is a nationally competitive, student-centered research institution.
  • is the school of choice for many Arkansans as well as a draw to students from out of state. We’re academically rigorous school, where you can have fun learning.
  • is an affordable choice, and doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • is a leader in sustainability.  
  • is accountable and transparent. Its leaders are forthright, capable, and have the institution’s best interests at heart.
  • is a welcoming place for all – and reaches out to all groups.
  • has raised its graduation rates, but still has work to do.
  • cares about the arts and the beauty of its campus.
  • is collaborative and collegial to business, industry and education.
  • is a partner to the state in increasing the number of degree holders in our state.